Rewrapping Paper

Oops It happens, doesn't it? Santa brings the same gift twice or something that isn't quite 'you'... But this year it needn't go to waste.

Re-wrap it Wrap your unwanted gift in Re-wrapping Paper, and tape it nice and securely with Scotch® tape.

Post It Make sure you cut out the Freepost label and stick it to the front. Then just pop your gift in the post, and we'll do the rest.

Sort it We don't use a sleigh exactly, but we'll make sure it gets to either Crisis, the homeless charity, or Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Done And that's it. You've turned an unwanted gift into a smile for someone who will really appreciate it.

Meet Our Charities

Crisis is a UK national charity for homeless people. It offers year-round education, employment, housing and well-being services from centres in London, Newcastle, Oxford, Edinburgh and Merseyside.

Great Ormond Street Hospital provides world class care and pioneers new treatments and cures for childhood illnesses. Your gifts will go to some of the 220,000 plus patients that visit the hospital every year.

Gifting Guidelines

Great Ormond Street Hospital are particularly interested in toys for 0-18 year olds, anything from mobiles for babies to computer games for teenagers.

And Crisis, the homeless charity, are in need of any toiletries, crockery/cutlery, and clothing. Even dodgy socks from Nan.

But if you make the effort to send a gift, we'll make the effort to find it a good home. So if one of these two charities isn't suitable for your gift, we'll find one that is.

Thank you.

We've already distributed over 300,000 free sheets of Re-wrapping Paper.

We're giving the rest away with every order from our website.

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