Hampton Court Palace

Interaction Design | UX | Visual Design


Hampton Court Palace launched the HCP500 campaign in January 2014. From the cleaners to the ghosts of dead monarchs, Hampton Court Palace shared its 500 years of rich history through the stories of 500 advocates.

I worked alongside a UX designer to create a central hub for all the campaign’s content. The design followed and expanded upon the branding direction set for all landmarks run by Historical Royal Palaces. I designed the whole page, from its structure to the individual modules and their behaviours. The project required thorough guidelines for the third party development company and the content editors who continue to manage the page over the duration of the campaign.


The HCP500 site was designed fully responsive, with a grid that adapted to the screen size of the user’s device.


As we were working with Hampton Court Palace’s digital partners to produce the final side I create a detailed document which descriped how the site design worked and what interactions to include.


The campaign lasted throughout the year, and grow over time as new events and exhibitions were added. I designed the calendar module to house this ever changing information. Focusing on ease of use when explored by people who were either interested in visiting HCP, or were at the palace, and looking to attend the next royal banquet or Tudor dance.